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“I’ve worked with Innovations for years, I knew I could trust them to do a good job and they did.”
Alison Pateman, Premier Foods

Room Booking

Room Booking

Trying to sort out a meeting room can be so frustrating.

Are you sick of turning up for a meeting to find the room has been double booked?

How many times have you had to rearrange a meeting because no rooms were available, only to find that a meeting had been cancelled and a room was available after all?

How often have you turned up for a meeting to find the room does not have the right AV equipment?

It doesn’t have to be like this. Innovations provide a range of room booking systems including Evoko and Room Wizard that seamlessly overcome all of these problems at the touch of a button, either at your desktop, via the web or on a touch screen outside the meeting room itself.


You'll be impressed - Evoko Room Manager


Room Booking Systems allow you to:

  • Check availability and book a room from any networked computer, via the web, or by the touch screen in each room
  • Book a block of meetings and cancel them too, if necessary.
  • Display information outside the room about occupants, date, time of meeting and location
  • See if a room is unoccupied at a glance from the display screen
  • Claim an unoccupied room for an impromptu meeting using the touch screen
  • Extend your meeting using the touch panel outside the room
  • Check what equipment is available in the room
  • Check how many people the room can accommodate

If you think we could tailor a solution for your room booking dilemmas, please click here or telephone 01733 204214

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